Self-portrait of the Artist With Her Favorite New Book

No, this isn’t about a book I wrote. It’s one I bought on July 9th from Amazon. This is Crescent, by Phil Rossi. I first listened to the podcast of this book last year, and fell in love. It’s a creepy cool science fiction/horror tale about a haunted space station where all sorts of nasty things lurk in the dark. When I heard Crescent had been picked up by Dragon Moon Press for publication, I was very happy. When my copy arrived on my doorstep earlier today, I was jumping with joy. And to show you all how ecstatic I am over my newest addition to my library, I drew this picture.

See? Don’t I look happy? If you’re into horror and sci-fi, if you like a sexy, scary read, give this book a try. You can find out more about the print book and the free podcast version over at

PS – that gorgeous cover art is by Neil Aschliman.

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  1. I think it's awesome when you get all fan girl. Sounds like a great book.

  2. Margaret,

    I am such the geek about this book. I really loved the podcast, and was so thrilled to hear the book was being published in print. It was great! And yeah, I do try to do special things for authors whose works I enjoy that much };)

  3. ComicBookGoddess

    I feel the need to add that my copy of Crescent had company when it came in the mail…
    Picture it…

  4. My dear Comic Book Goddess, you are too awesome, you know that? I truly hope you enjoyed Future Perfect, and I'm flattered that you ordered me with Mr. Rossi 😉

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