Episode 32 – Laundry Karma

I know, I know. It’s about damned time, isn’t it? All I can say is I’ve been swamped… by laundry, among other things.

It seems to be a rule in my house – if there are piles of laundry waiting to be washed, dried, or folded, my world must be in total chaos. If, however, I can manage to get the laundry done and folded and keep up with it every day, then life goes smoothly. I call this laundry karma. It’s sort of like feng shui, only instead of rearranging the furniture, I have to deal with detergent and dryer sheets and dirty socks.

So while the laundry has been piling up these last several weeks, I’ve been doing my damnedest to churn out stories for the Heat Flash Erotica podcast, make cover art for one of my publishing clients, and attend various conventions. I wrapped up convention season on Memorial Day weekend with Balticon, and what a blast that was! Viv and Chooch from Into The Blender hosted a webcomic/podcast novel party where people where invited to come dressed as their favorite cartoon characters. Guess who I went as?

Since Balticon, I’ve been going nuts trying to keep up with work and Princess’ school. I swear, her class had more parties in the last two weeks than a high school graduating class on a trip to Cancun! Today was the last day of school though, and that means no more having to quit work at 3PM to be at the bus stop for a few weeks. We do have two weeks of afternoon swim lessons coming up, but I can deal with that because I can take the netbook or my drawing pad with me and knock out some work while Princess swims (Pixie will go into the nursery so I can have an hour of peace and quiet). But after that, we are home free of obligations. I’m keeping summer simple this year, with plans to garden, hit the local swimming pool, visit a few local museums, and in general get back on track with writing and cartooning. Here’s hoping I can get into a cartooning groove and stay there!

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  1. Hooray for new cartoon! I was starting to fear that you'd quit. And I was sad.

  2. No! Hadn't quit!Just been getting my butt kicked by Princess' school and end of school year activities. Good Lord those kindergarteners threw some parties!

    I've switched to drawing and inking the cartoons by hand now, so hopefully things will get done a little faster. Take a look at the newest entry to see some doodles where I tested out the new mechanical pencil I'm using for sketching the cartoon.

    I will not abandon this cartoon!! Promise!!

  3. LOL.. I'm laughing not just at your post, Helen, but because there's a large pile of laundry in my bedroom calling out for attention too. This is the problem with working at home. I could have sworn the vacuum cleaner spoke to me as I passed the cupboard yesterday …

    Jim Brown
    Publisher of Helen's FUTURE PERFECT!

  4. Working at home is the WORST way to ensure housecleaning gets done. Or the worst way to ensure work gets done. You can only do one or the other and trying to figure out when the housework ends and the office hours begin is really hard when you can't geographically separate the two. I've had people ask me why I don't do more with my house because I'm home all day long. I point them to my office chair and say, "Because I cannot reach the dust rags and mops from where I sit." I refuse to move from that chair until work is done.

    And yes, the vacuum cleaner is speaking to you. Get a priest and have that thing exorcised immediately!

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