Pixie Turns Three!

Pixie turned 3 on Tuesday, and I’m very pleased to say we all survived the day. Here’s a few pictures from the eventful day.

Pixie and her sister, Princess. They don’t always get along this well, of course.

The Birthday Girl enjoys her favorite breakfast while watching Handy Manny.

The big present of the day was a doll house. To be specific, my old doll house from when I was a child. My mom provided all new furnishings. Both girls enjoyed it immensely.

Yep, someone’s having a happy birthday!

The success of the doll house was a bit of a surprise. I had been planning for a while to give my old doll house to one of the girls. One of the moms on our street told me that during one play date, Pixie had been obsessed with the doll house they had there, so I decided she could have it for her birthday, and then share it with her sister (doll houses are more fun when you have someone to share them with). It is an old doll house. My grandmother gave it to me when I was about 6 or 7, as a Christmas present. She was the only grandparent I ever knew, my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother and grandfather having died before I was a year old. I still remember the day I got it, and I held onto it for ever, keeping it tucked away in the closet. When I pulled it out to give to Pixie, it still had all the original furniture in it, wrapped in tissue paper. We pulled out each piece to look at before putting the new doll house furniture in. Once I had the girls upstairs happily playing with their new toy, I came downstairs and cried. That I really hadn’t expected, but seeing that doll house got me thinking about my grandmother and how thrilled she would have been to see the kids playing with it. She died several years ago, long before Michael and I had kids.

Anyway, I wrapped up the old doll furniture and tucked it away in a box. I suppose I could have given Pixie the old furniture, but the old stuff is wood, and old, and I worry that it’s not up to the strain of being played with by an enthusiastic three-year-old. Besides, Pixie’s new furniture all matches. Still, my old stuff was pretty nice…

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  1. Kathleen Bradean

    My lord, it's been forever since I've seen them. Princess is so big! In my mind, they were still "the baby who crawls at hyperspeed," and (don't ever tell her this I how I remember her) the young lady who announced "It's time for me to go potty, RIGHT NOW."

  2. O,M,G. Now with the longer hair, Princess is the spitting image of you Helen. Never really noticed when she had the shorter haircut. Wow.

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