We Said What?

A random list of things said and/or overheard in la Casa de Madden today….

“Bad pony! Da pony spank me so I spank da pony!” ~ Pixie, while playing with My Pretty Pony

“Did the pony spank you or did you make the pony spank you?” ~ Helen, who can’t believe she just said that

“Did Buddha die in Jamestown?” ~ Princess, in a conversation exploring religion and history

“Dere are volcanoes on da lunar surface!” ~ Pixie (after listening to a little too much Jimmy Buffet)

“But if I give the bank all my money, I’ll never get it back!” ~ Princess, commenting on the current state of the economy and her allowance

Yeah, just another day of fun here at la Casa de Madden.

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  1. Kathleen Bradean

    My all time favorite from the hovel:

    “Don’t put the hair clippy on kitty’s ear.”

    Right after the words came out of my mouth, I wondered what other strings of words I’d be putting together that no human ever had before.

  2. Considering the things I’ve heard my kids say (“Tiny nipples float in the air!”), the kitty hair clip thing does not sound so odd. In fact, it sounds like an excellent cautionary statement, followed by, “Great, now I have to dig cat claws out of a toddler’s left buttock!”

  3. hahaha this is great, love it.

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