Episode 31 – Inspiration

Ya gotta take your inspiration from wherever it comes, I tell ya.

This is something that often happens in our house, at least on the evenings that Michael is home. He takes the kids off my hands for a while so I can squeeze in a little more work. He’s good like that. He gets the girls ready for bed and reads them stories and sings them songs and hands them monsters (we’ve been pulling imaginary monsters out from under the bed and handing them to children ever since Princess first started sleeping in her big-girl bed).

But the girls do not make it easy on him, and quite frequently there’s lots of squealing and screaming and giggling and misbehaving, and that always leads to Michael shouting at the top of his lungs, at which point I usually step in to intervene because I honestly believe that only one of us should ever have to traumatize our children for life and that has been my job since day one.

Anyway, all of this is just the long way of saying this week’s cartoon is drawn from real life and yes, I have actually heard Michael shout, “Get that bucket off your head and get into bed now!”

But only once was he saying it to me };)

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  1. LOL.

  2. I tell ya, it’s true! And I’ve heard weirder discussions while I was working.

  3. Lorna & Larry

    Made us laugh out loud! this may be our favorite yet.

  4. Got me laughing…!

    You’re truly awesome, Helen.

  5. Lisabet, I think you guys are awesome. You and everyone who bothers to read! You put up with an awful lot from a cartoonist who’s been missing her weekly deadline a lot lately. Hoping summer fixes that soon. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments };0

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