Move It Mama Monday! – Am I A Slug?

To quote the late, great Madeline Kahn, everything from the neck down is kaput. I am soooooo tired today, literally dragging myself through everything I have to do. I spent the weekend in Richmond attending Ravencon, and like a kid at a playground, I just wore myself out. I attended a slew of panels on podcasting and webcomics, stayed up too late chatting with friends I don’t get to see often enough, and in general had a lot of grown-up fun (by which I mean I was able to do things without constant interuption from my kids, who stayed home all weekend with the Hubster – I love that man).

But after all that fun (which I know doesn’t sound nearly as wild as the stuff I used to do in my twenties and even thirties), I had to come home and act like a responsible mommy again. After unpacking and handling a bunch of laundry, I crashed early, thinking I’d be better rested and prepared to handle the next day. WRONG! After eleven solid hours of sleep, I still had to drag myself out of bed, and then drag myself through the morning. I did manage to get out for an hour-long walk, and I did spend another hour outside with Pixie spreading mulch (Pixie LOVES to spread mulch!). But those two activities apparently consumed my entire energy allotment for the day.

By noon, I caught myself nodding off while reading to Pixie. I sent her off to her room for some quiet time and I stole a short nap. Twenty minutes later, I got up, took a bath, and took another nap. Thirty minutes later, I dragged myself up to the office to pencil the next episode of the webcomic. And thirty minutes after that, I was back in bed again, taking yet another nap.

Obviously, I had a little more fun than I realized this weekend. Even worse, I may have eaten a bit more than I thought I did. Wii Fit tells me I put on a pound or so over the weekend. However, I still have 20 days left to lose those last eight pounds and achieve my weightloss goal!

Um, yeah.

I have been exercising. I have been trying to eat right. Yet, it seems I am still tired and a little overweight, in spite of my efforts. So I have to ask myself, fitness-wise, have I accomplished anything in the last two months since setting my initial goal to lose weight on the Wii Fit?

I’m going to give a guarded yes. My weight may still be stuck at around 150 lbs, but it is more often below 150 lbs than above it these days. And I have seen that elusive number, 145, on my scale a few times in the last month or so. I’m willing to blame water weight at this point for my weight gain this weekend, and my period (along with too much fun) for the feeling of general tiredness. The ups and downs of a menstrual cycle are just a part of the unpleasant facts of female life that Wii Fit doesn’t seem to understand or take into account when doing the daily body test. I wish it did. I also wish the Wii Fit could be programmed to deal with pregnancy (I’m planning on having one more child). Maybe some enterprising game designer will figure this out and a whole lot of women will be made very, very happy.

There have been other Wii Fit successes not related to my weight that I’m pleased with. My knees are doing much better. I’m lousy about taking my glucosamine and chondrotine supplements, and I just can’t seem to fit both exercise and physical therapy into my daily regimen. But Wii Fit seems to have corrected my posture enough that I no longer sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when I head down the steps. Even better, I can now hold a nice deep cat stance during karate class without feeling any pain. My balance while performing kata has improved, and it feels good for the first time in a long time to head into the dojo for an hour or more of class.

I won’t be losing 8 lbs in the next twenty days. I might lose two pounds in that amount of time. I might lose a bit more if I really am carrying around some water weight right now. But I’m not going to be too upset about it if I fail to meet that initial goal I set. I’ll simply correct the things I haven’t been doing right, like eating more fruits and veggies, and get back on the Wii Fit wagon again. I’m looking at several weeks in a row without any trips out of town, so I think I’ll be okay. And maybe in the next few months, those pounds will come off. We’ll see how it goes.

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