Episode 29 – Thunder Pants!

We are actually mostly finished with Pixie’s potty training. She’s been in “thunder pants” for a few months now, only wearing a pull-up at night. Potty training is one of those things that as a parent you never think is going to happen, and in Pixie’s case I was starting to wonder if she’d still be in pull-ups on her wedding day, but we eventually got things straightened out. It seems that so long as she was in a pull-up, she’d pee in it no matter how many times a say I sat her on the potty. Once I switched her to underpants, that quickly stopped.

Regarding the potty, does anybody else have a singing potty? Ours sings all sorts of little songs depending on what the occupant is doing. There’s one song for lifting the lid, another for sitting on the pot, a third for actually making a deposit in the pot, yet a fourth song for rolling the faux toilet paper roll attached to the pot, and then a final song for closing the lid and pushing the little fake handle. It’s all a bit much, in my opinion, and the whole singing potty thing really started to creep me out when the potty developed a short circuit of some kind and started randomly singing in the middle of the night while the Hubster was away on business. Nothing like waking up in the dark to the eerie strains of “Let’s all sit on the potty!” Needless to say, I didn’t bother to switch out the batteries when they died.

I’m headed out this week for a visit to Arkansas to see my folks. We’re really looking forward to the trip, but alas I’ll have no internet access while I’m there, which means yet another wait for the next cartoon. I’m starting to clear stuff off my plate however, and hope to get back to a schedule where I can turn out a cartoon a week, or at least every ten days. I’ll get there by this summer, I promise.

In the meantime, you’ll be seeing some changes around this site and my other sites as I merge all three blogs and websites into one mega-super site. I’m just spread too thing between the mommy blog, the cartoon blog, the writing blog, and the supporting websites. I figure if I get it all into one place, I’ll be better able to keep up with blogging and you’ll have an easier time keeping up with all the crazy wacky fun I have to offer (insert canned laughter here).

Have fun over the next week or so, and I’ll be back with another cartoon as soon as I can!

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  1. I love this one!

  2. We called them thunderpants in our house too.

    …and sometimes the grown-ups call them funderpants.

  3. Thanks guys! I can’t wait until we’re out of pull-ups entirely, but I’m not willing to do the night time potty training until Princess’ school is out and I don’t have to worry about getting up early in the mornings after being woken up at 2AM to change Pixie’s bed sheets!

    There will be more Thunder Pants cartoons soon. But first, I fly out to Arkansas tomorrow morning 😉 Have fun this week!

  4. Oh my God… you’re the one who should be wearing the halo, Helen!

    Have a wonderful time in Arkansas!


  5. Kat Lively / Leigh Ellwood

    The best day of my life was when we finally got little G on the potty for 1 and 2. She still wear Pull Ups at night, but we call them “night pants”. Hopefully she won’t have to wear those any longer.

  6. LOL Helen, your life is just too hilarious. A singing potty…and a posessed one at that! Do you think they can extend that concept to adult males and have a toilet mat that screams: “Missed again!” ;D

  7. There is a solution, though, dear wife. The man can sit down.


    Yeah yeah I know, usually a man only sits to read the newspaper, but when you’re 6ft 7″ tall like me, that’s a long way to try to aim straight … successfuly LOL

    Jim Brown (Publisher of Helen’s “FUTURE PERFECT”

  8. Jim, I’m not sure I want to know how Zetta potty trained you ;P

    But potty training is one of those things that’s really funny… after it’s over.

    Thanks you two, and thanks to you as well, Kath and Lisabet, for the comments!

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