Episode 15 – When inspiration strikes

Episode 15

This is the real reason why we need four hands and two sets of eyes.  Multi-tasking is very important to us writer-moms.

By the way, this one took forever to draw – four characters plus all those seat.  Ugh!  It was worth it though.  That hottie in the passenger’s seat? That’s Orziel, the main character from my e-book, Demon By Day.

(Insert shameless pimping here!)  Demon By Day is available from Mojocastle Press.

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Cartoonist, Artist, Geek, Evil Crafter, Girl Scout Troop Leader and Writer. Also, a zombie. I haven't slept in I don't know how long.
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  1. OMG! That is SO me, except my inspiration ususally arrives while I’m on the elliptical machine…

  2. I was pointed to your site by a friend. Love your cartoons! As a writer mom, I can relate.

  3. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!!! It’s official – you’re my new hero. So glad my friend directed me to your blog!

  4. Thank you all, ladies! I’m happy I could bring a little humor into your days 😉

    As for being a hero… Hmmm, should Cynical Woman get a cape? Nah, a pitch fork though would be good };)

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