15 Years and Still Going Strong

I’m all off schedule today. I’m supposed to get up at the ungodly hour of 5:45 AM so I can work on the podcast and get other odds and ends done, but I stayed up late to work on Lydia’s obituary/eulogy and then Cassie came running into the bedroom around 2 AM and when I woke up I realized, “Hey! It’s my anniversary! Let’s sleep late and snuggle with the husband.” And you just know where that led…

So I’ve been running late all day, but I’m not too upset about it. I had quality time with my husband (and yes, I’m going to stick with that euphemism — if you want something more explicit, see my erotica website you pervert!); I managed to make it to the Y and got in 14 laps in the pool before the kiddies’ swim classes chased me out; I packed a picnic lunch and got the girls out to a play date; and I got to have a real conversation with another adult about kids, husbands, and my current allergic reaction to my kids’ hypoallergenic sunscreen lotion. Yergh.

I have no great plans for today beyond doing some writing before I quit work for the day. My romantic plans were taken care of this morning during ‘quality time’ and my present to Michael won’t show up yet for another couple of days. He’s getting the Legos Indiana Jones game. Cassie already told him what he was getting when we gave him his birthday present earlier last week. Then she told me what I was getting from Michael today – a big brown box. That’s Michael’s idea of a joke. He learned from my mistake and so all Cassie’s gotten to see of my present it the box it came in. Nyah!

I will go to karate class tonight, even though I don’t feel like it, because I missed class on Tuesday. That was the day I had that allergic reaction to the sunscreen. I broke out in these really horrible, itchy red welts and decided that if I didn’t take some Benadryl, I’d probably scratch myself to death. I had this screwy idea that if I took the Benadryl early enough, I’d get past the sleep inducing effect of the drug in time to go to karate class. No such luck. I was out like a light by 6:30 PM that night and didn’t wake up until around 5:30 AM the next morning. And I was STILL TIRED! And itchy.

So nothing big going on here. Maybe something big on Saturday. Michael has tickets to see Billy Joel in concert. He’s taking me, of course. If not, you’ll read his obituary on Sunday.

Now I’m off to work. I have to churn out 500 words of BDSM chick lit before I can say I’m done for the day. What a goal!

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  1. Emily Veinglory

    You have a very busy sort of ‘nothing’ going on : /

  2. Well, yeah, but nothing BIG as in aliens landed in the front yard and kidnapped me for a wild night of fun and frolic…

    Or did that actually happen and I don’t remember?

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