Episode 04 – Just Another Day In The Office

We had a fun weekend at La Casa Madden. On Saturday morning, after going through karate and swimming lessons, Cassie suddenly came down sick – temperature of 103 degrees, chills, sore throat, aches and pains. I promptly put the Princess to bed and babied her with juice, sherbet, Disney movies, whatever would keep her content while she rested. She puked once, all over the couch and herself, and complained of being cold and unable to sleep, but otherwise she was okay. Well, not **okay** okay — she was looking pretty pale and scrawny — but I knew with enough viewings of Beauty and the Beast, she’d live.

Cassie’s illness sort of threw all our weekend plans into a tailspin, however. We missed her best buddy’s birthday bowling party that afternoon, and I have heard nothing but, “But I wanted to go bowling!” and “I LOVE bowling!” ever since. Cassie doesn’t even know what bowling is, but man she sure wanted to go to that party. Michael did get some house work done that he’d been planning, but since I spent so much time tending to Cassie, my plans to rapidly accomplish my work went down the tubes real quick. Tasks that should have taken an hour tops took five. I just couldn’t concentrate when all I could hear is this tiny, whiny little voice in the background going, “But I LOVE bowling!” Mary, if you’re reading this, we are taking the kids bowling SOON. Otherwise I may just have to throw myself through a window to escape that sound.

So I was all discombobulated as usual this weekend… the weekend that I had to proof my final novel galley, the weekend that I had to do up promo materials for a convention I’m headed off to in a few days, the weekend I had hoped would go so smoothly. Nothing new. Just another day in the office.

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  1. Love it!

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