I Love Socks!

In the course of revamping my wardrobe, I have developed a thing for socks. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I never had cool socks growing up. Yes, I know, I was badly deprived as a child. So anyway, I found a couple of websites that sell really cool socks, including Sock Dreams and The Joy Of Socks. So far, I’ve got sushi socks, cappuccino socks, mermaid socks, dragon socks, koi fish socks, red and white stripy socks, and a pair of really neat red knee highs with a skull and cross bones print that almost looks like an argyle pattern.

I also got some very nice sneakers from Onmyodo Online. White creeper style with a Japanese rising sun and pink cherry blossom stitched onto them. Too cool!

Yeah, I know. Aren’t there more important things I should be talking about, besides my footwear?

Well, I am on a quest for new undies…

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