Freaky Fruits and Swimming Suits!

Ha ha! Look at that title. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!

Ah hmm. Seriously though, we’ve had an interesting week. Michael left Tuesday for a training course in Houston, abandoning– er, I mean leaving me with the kids. My knee is doing much better, so I was mostly able to keep up, but after a week on my own with those demon spawn, I am wiped out.

First thing we did after Michael left was hit the grocery store. Michael does all the grocery shopping, so I always use his trips as an excuse to buy the stuff **I** want. I didn’t get much, just some fruit and side dishes that I knew he’d never in a million years pick up (curried veggies, anyone?). Cassie saw a star fruit in the produce section and immediately decided she had to have one. It just looked so freaky, but not nearly as freaky as the horned melon. If you’ve never seen either of these fruits, the star fruit looks like a banana sort of thingie with a star cross-section (in other words, if you slice it into pieces, you get lots of star shaped slices), while the horned melon looks like something Jacques Cousteau picked up off the bottom of a coral reef. It’s a sort of neon orange see-slug thing. Or maybe it’s a sea cucumber. Or are sea cucumbers actually a sort of sea slug? Who knows? It was orange, spiny, oblong and freaky and Cassie had to have it, and since **I’ve** never had one either, we got it.

I served the star fruit that night. It tasted… odd. Not really sweet, and not really tart. Sort of like weak kiwi flavored gelatin. The star fruit is yellow on the outside and yellowish on the inside. Cassie spent all of dinner telling me how much she just **loved** star fruit after only taking one bite of it. And that was the only bite she took. I had to finish the rest of the damned thing off. Blech.

The horned melon was very different though. It was freaky inside and out. On the inside, it’s neon yellow-green, with sections like a pomegranate. Little round fleshy pods wrapped around a tiny seed. It tasted pretty good, definitely more like kiwi, but with a big juicy squish every time I bit into it. Both Cassie and Sam ate a couple of piece once they got over the color.

Ah, color. I never get enough of it in my life, and here’s where we now talk about swimming suits. Since screwing up my knee the other week, I’ve gone back to swimming. In fact, I’ve decided just to forget about running and swim as much as I can. I’ll be in the pool four days a week it looks like, but until yesterday, I only had one swim suit. So I ordered two more from I went with their grab bag option. Grab bag swim suits are $26 a piece instead of the usual $40. The only catch is THEY get to pick the color. You pick the size and the style, but THEY pick the color. The grab bag suits are all the colors that didn’t sell the previous year, and now that I’ve got my two new suits, I can kind of see why. One of those suits isn’t bad – it’s a hot fluorescent pink and orange print that sort of looks like a 1960’s acid trip. But the other suit… oh man, the other suit is a reversible suit. One side is Grape Ape purple and the other side is **lime green**. Both colors are eye-blinding.

But hey, for $26, it’s not a bad suit.


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