Did I Mention That I F*@#ed Up My Knee Again?

It was one of those freak martial arts accidents. I was sparring with someone – nothing formal, just some practice stuff – and I threw a front kick. Just as I did, the woman I was sparring threw a round kick. It came just a fraction of a second after my kick and it hooked under my kicking leg and spun me off center. I heard this loud popping noise as my knee tried to bend from side to side rather than front to back and that was it. My right knee is now officially f*@#ed up.

I can actually walk on it, and in fact was able to walk off the mat Thursday night when I hurt it. But it’s stiff and I can’t straighten it or bend it all the way. Plus it’s swollen and not too stable. I’m limping around and I’m not too pleased about it. This makes one broken nose, two incidents of broken ribs, one fractured sternum and three f*@#ed up knees (the right one now having been f*@#ed up twice) thanks to martial arts.

But considering how long I’ve been taking martial arts, that’s not really that bad.


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