The Litany of Things Gone Wrong

It would not be life if things didn’t go wrong. Here’s the skinny on what’s up – or rather, down – at the Madden household.

Two weeks prior to Fantasci 6, the entire family came down with the creeping crud (actual scientific name for unknown upper respiratory infection we all had).

The day after Fantasci 6, the entire family came down with the cousin of the creeping crud, an all new yet strangely familiar upper respiratory disease with bonus symptoms (i.e. Cassie puked at school).

The sedan kept stalling on Michael, forcing him to take it in to be serviced. The diagnosis? A fried alternator that needed to be replaced to the tune of a couple hundred dollars.

Our oven died, and was replaced to the tune of $500.

A sensor in the front driver’s side wheel of our SUV went wonky (again, another actual scientific term) and had to be replaced. To the tune of $440. As an added bonus, Sam and I got to spend two whole hours in the Saturn dealership waiting for this to be fixed. Yea!

Yesterday, everyone but me came down sick with the mother of the cousin of the creeping crud (and yes, that really is its scientific disease name). Sam can barely breathe, which makes breastfeeding fun. She’s also been using my shirt as a hanky. Eeeew. Michael is so congested, he’s walking around in a daze. Cassie hasn’t succumbed to it yet, but she’s coughing and wheezing, so it’s only a matter of time. Me? I’m disinfecting the crap out of everything, including my nipples once Sam’s done breastfeeding. And I may just burn my shirt from today…

So how are things in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Oh man! It seems to early to be getting sick! I am just waiting for it to be out turn with the boys.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. We are feeling better. Now Michael and I are just overwhelmed with work. One way or another though, we get by 😉

  3. Oh sonuvabeeotch!

    But hey thank goodness you’ve got the “We get by” spirit! Good for you I’m serious 🙂

    We actually just got our oven fixed (went without for a YEAR AHHHHHHHH that was lame) and I’m baking liking friggin donkey kong. My boss actually called me a bastard and told me to stop bringing in brownies because she thinks she’s gonna get fat.

    I LOVE to bake and it’s cheap!!

    YAY for cheap right?

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