Conversations with Cassandra

This morning, Sunday, around 10:30 AM. I’m upstairs checking e-mail. Sam is playing in her room. Michael and Cassie have just returned from church. Cassie comes running upstairs…

Cassie: “Mommy! We’re home!”

Cassie bounds into the room.

Me: “Hey, sweetie. How was your first day of Bible school?”

Cassie, flinging her arms wide: “Excommunicated!”

Me: “What?”

Cassie, huge grin on her face: “I got excommunicated!”

Me, wondering who put her up to this: “Why were you excommunicated?”

Cassie, now laughing: “For asking questions!”

Me, shouting downstairs: “Michael! Get up here…”

The funny thing is, Michael told Cassie to tell me she was excommunicated, but he didn’t tell her to tell me she was excommunicated for asking questions. When he heard about that, he fell over laughing.

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  1. EEEEEEK!! I would have flipped out 🙂 How cute that she came up with a great answer to get you to wonder for real even if it was for a split second! HAAAAAA!! 🙂 Tooo cute.

  2. Oh we get a million great lines around here. I’m currently training Cassandra to say, “I’m freakishly tall!” Seriously, this kid comes up to my armpits, and I’m not short.

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