Who Is Harold Rockin’?

Cassie has come up with a new nick name for Sam. It’s Harold Rockin’. I have no clue why she calls Sam this, but she does. For those of you who don’t know, Sam is short for Samantha so the name Harold Rockin’ really confounds me. The first time I heard Cassie use that nick name was a couple months ago. It was right after I had applied some sunblock to Sam. Sam has this very fine blonde hair and she hates to wear hats so to protect her scalp from burning, I doused her head with sunblock and worked it into her hair. The end result was this wild, crazy hair style, sort of like Albert Einstein on a bad hair day. Cassie took one look at Sam and shrieked, “That’s Harold Rockin’!” Then she collapsed in a fit of laughter. Sam has been Harold Rockin’ ever since.

I’ve tried asking Cassie where she got the name Harold Rockin’ from. Is it a cartoon character? No. An imaginary friend? No. Is it the name of one her friends at preschool? No again. Best I can figure, Cassie just came up with the name on her own, and she uses it every time Sam’s hair gets wild. Whether it be spikey with sunblock or tousled from the tub, wild hair gets Sam dubbed Harold Rockin’.

Maybe he’s a rock star? Who knows.


Harold Rockin’ and her sister Cassandra Jane.

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  1. That is hysterical!! Sam looks kind of pissed off at you in this picture, by the way!

  2. Yeah, Sam actually was pretty pissed with me that morning. We were on vacation and she was teething, with a temperature of 103. Cassie was dying to go to the beach, so it was either be miserable in the hotel room or be slightly less miserable at the beach. I put Sam in her swimsuit, slathered her with sunblock, and did my best to ignore her screams. That is classic Harold Rockin’ hair, by the way…

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