Temper Tantrum Or Demonic Possession? You Decide…

Last weekend, Cassie threw one of her infamous melt-down screaming fits. For those of you who think my child is a darling angel who would never do such a thing, I present the evidence that says otherwise:

This particular screaming fit was started by the fact that I unfairly denied my child the chance to wash her own behind after telling her three times she needed to finish up in the tub or I was going to finish up for her. If you listen closely, you can hear her screaming, “I want MAMA! Don’t leave me ALONE!” Meaning, “I want the nice woman who bought me ice cream earlier in the day, why did that other mean old witch put me in my bedroom for a time out?”

Obviously, I was enjoying this too much. But it got even better when I finally let her out of her room and then once again told her no, she was not going to wash her own behind, I had already done it for her, and besides, the tub was now drained. This precipitated a second screaming melt-down, of which I only managed to record the tail end. Had I pulled out my recorder a little earlier, you would have heard her scream, “IT’S UNFAIR!! MOMMY MAKES ME UNHAPPY!!!” However, I did manage to get some closing comments ouf of Cassie that I will treasure forever:

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  1. that was amazing! I’m not sure what blem me away more:
    Cassie’s possession
    or the simple “I love you” at the end of it
    or your answer which never gives away the screaming that just passed
    or the neat liitle gizmos that you added that allowed us to share!
    You Rock!

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