Book Babe Day 3 & 4

I gave up on inking this drawing in Corel Photopaint. I thought I could get away with doing it, but when I hit the long lines in the dress, I had to quit. The digital tablet just isn’t steady enough to handle that kind of line work, at least not in my hands. Here’s as far as I got in Corel Photopaint.

The Book Babe, Day 3

This morning I brought the sketch (originally done in Corel Photopaint) into Macromedia Flash and started inking it there. The process is a little different, but the lines come out much smoother and I can do the accents better. Here’s the results so far.

The Book Babe, Day 4

You won’t really be able to see the difference until I’ve got the inking done and I delete the digital pencil layer.

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