My week was a complete bust in terms of meaningful work, except for this one piece…

I am worn out from breast feeding, chasing a preschooler, doing Halloween decorations and otherwise struggling to survive on my own, but I feel like I accomplished something just because I got this one little drawing done. It’s funny. This is my entry for the Ben Caldwell Weekly Cartoon Challenge, and my cartoons look absolutely nothing like the other entries. Very different stylistically (all their stuff is way neato-keen airbrushed) and I think also in subject matter. It’s like watching an episode of Sesame Street and hearing someone sing “One of these things is not like the others…” I don’t care though. I like Claudia. She’s one gnarly chick, and she knows how to swing that shovel, so watch out.

PS – Yesterday was my day off, and once again, it was a disaster. I spent most of it at Sears Portrait Studio waiting to get Sam’s picture taken. The pictures came out beautifully, but by the time we walked out of there, she was in full crank-meister mode and very ticked off with me. I was hoping she’d at least let me enjoy a brief spell at Barnes & Noble’s, but then she grabbed my lunch (a very delicious Italian Strata) and threw it on the café floor, so that was that. At least she didn’t spill my coffee.

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  1. Hi Helen,
    I checked out Ben Caldwell’s site and found it wonderful! Thanks for the heads up!
    I’m still hoping that one day you’ll produce your own greeting card line (Claudia says so much–like when u care enough to send the very beast. 😉
    I’m going to join because I so agree that drawing can be so therapeutic.
    btw–did u get the MerMom, etc I sent?

  2. Awesome – as usual!

  3. Danke, guys. This is definitely one of my favorite toons so far. There will be more, of Claudia and others, on the way soon.

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