Work Report for 3rd Quarter, 2006

Well, it’s mid-October, which means it’s high time I sat down and reviewed my work accomplishments for the last quarter, rather than sit and bitch about how hard it is to be a mom like I usually do. I dug up the list of goals from the last quarter to see what I did and didn’t manage to do. Here it is:


  • Write new erotica story for ERWA Blasphemy week – finished 6 July, 2006. Story title – The Messenger.
  • Write three ITEM articles for ERWA, one per month – finished 28 September, 2006.
  • Write one flasher per week for ERWA – who was I kidding? I did manage to write four flashers, all of which were published at ERWA this past quarter.
  • Begin background work on novel – “The Mirrored Sun” – postponed. I had my hands full with the baby.
  • Begin background work on novel – “Lady Dragon.” This has sort of mutated into a different project. I did end up writing a brief synopsis for a graphic novel/manga that I’d like to do, so the basic idea is written down and stored for later use. Completed 30 September 2006.
  • Submit at least one story for publication this quarter – completed 27 July 2006. I sent the story “Alienated” out to Circlet Press for consideration in one of their anthologies.


  • Finish commissioned book cover for Eternally Erotic books – completed 5 July 2006. If you’d like to see the book cover, click here. The image is fairly work-safe but the link will take you to Eternally Erotic, an erotica e-publisher, so don’t click on it if you’re at work, okay? By the way, the web graphics on Eternally Erotic were done by me too.
  • Create website graphic commissioned for Crimson Succubus website – completed 2 July 2006.
  • Finish Great Hall tutorial and use set in one final image – not finished.
  • Check out and see if I have anything to submit – I checked. Hopefully, sometime in the future I will have some toons to submit to them. In the meantime, I submitted one of my other toons to a competition at Go check it out and vote for me!

    Cynical Woman

  • Continue writing daily blog rant – I’ve written almost two hundred pages worth of material in this blog since the beginning of June.
  • Fix animated header for blog – completed 15 June, 2006.
  • Design creeper/t-shirt for Café Press shop – postponed.
  • Design coffee mug for Café Press shop – postponed.

    Pixel Arcana

  • Review books I use for tutorials and graphics education and make an store link for website site – not done.
  • Archive 2005 work files – not done due to problems with DVD recorder. Hopefully that’s been solved.
  • Set up DAZ affiliate on Pixel Arcana website – completed 30 July 2006.
  • Finish mermaid drawing – finished 24 August 2006. It looks gorgeous too!
  • Matte drawing and prep for Marscon art show – postponed.

    And that’s the whole list of what I had planned to do and what actually got done during the past quarter. Looking at the list, I think things look pretty good. I had 18 items on the list, of which I completed eleven, plus I resubmitted the novel to another e-publisher on top of all that. So I’m giving myself a big high-five for all my hard work. Later, I’ll discuss my goals for the current quarter and my new plan for world domination.


    Since it’s been a few days since my last post, I’m posting three small images today. These are some sketch ideas for an art nouveau style stain glass window that I was going to put in the bedroom sketch I’m working on. I wanted something with wings or angel imagery. The window is out of the sketch now, but I may use the ideas later for something else.

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