Cassie’s First Day Of Preschool

Man, I thought this morning would never get here. It’s 7 AM, and I am up and dressed, Cassie is up and dressed, Michael is up and dressed, and Sam is at least up and bathed. She’s nursing right now, but will be dressed as soon as she’s done. Yes, the entire Madden clan is up and moving this morning, because…


Cassie woke up half an hour ago, all tousle-haired and sleep-muddled, and started firing off vaguely coherent questions about today. “Mommy, mommy! Is it preschool today? Is it September yet? Do I go to school now?”

Oh yes sweetie, today is the day. My baby’s all grown up and going to preschool! (Sniff!)

Of course, the entire family is going to see her off on her first day. We leave in half an hour. Once Cassie has been placed in the capable hands of her teacher, Michael will head off to work and I’ll go home with Sam. What will I do with only one child to look after, hmmm? I’m thinking Sam will go down for a nap and then I’ll have the chance to exercise and work on some Flash animation. Ooooooh, exercise and work. What a wonderful way to spend my free time 😉

This won’t be a huge change for me. Cassie is only going to preschool for half days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m not ready yet to send her off all day long, and half days on Tuesday and Thursday wouldn’t work with our schedule. But for Cassie, this is gonna be big. She’ll finally get to spend time carousing with other kids and doing exciting fun stuff rather than sitting around the house all day while Mommy breastfeeds and changes poopie diapers. Her whole world is about to expand, and you better believe she’s psyched about that.

I’m psyched too, come to think of it. And why not? I’ve got plenty of story ideas to work on, lots of artwork in progress, a fat happy baby to cuddle, an excited preschooler to cheer on, and a studly computer geek husband who loves me enough to put up with my moods. Life is good, and today nobody can tell me otherwise.

Here’s an updated version of the Medusa painting I’m working on. I discovered how to get the brushes in Corel Photopaint to blend more like real oil paints. The results have been very satisfying.

Medusa, Work In Progress – 6 September 2006

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