Hot Mama! What Makes You Feel Sexy?

It’s 6:50 AM and I’ve been up for two hours already. Not that I’m complaining. I had a nice quiet morning and got to spend a productive hour working on the novel synopsis. I’m hoping I can get this damned thing done in the next few days.

We had an interesting discussion in the Erotica Readers And Writers Association a few weeks back. The question was, “What Makes You Feel Sexy?” Most of the answers were pretty standard – a hot bath and a glass of wine, reading a sexy (i.e. erotic) novel, favorite perfume, lingerie, etc. I was hoping for some more interesting answers, and was a little disappointed. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m weird (you think?), but after pondering the question myself, I decided that what made me feel sexy was doing karate, especially when I work with the weapons. There’s something about throwing on a heavy-weight gi, wrapping a black belt around my waist, and kicking the crap out of something that makes me feel good. Real good. I like the way I look when I’m doing a kata. Very intent, very focused, and no kids hanging off me, whining and fussing for my attention.

I guess it’s a power thing. I feel most powerful when I’m doing something physical. I get the same good feeling when I go running (something I can’t do right now thanks to the way post-partum hormones screw up my knees), or do any other intense physical activity. But karate is best. It makes me feel unique in addition to feeling strong and physical. Not everyone has a black belt. Not every can swing around a bo or a pair of nunchaku. Not everyone can kick ass.

But I can }:)

So I’m just wondering. What makes you feel sexy? And please, think about your answer. Go beyond the lingerie, the perfume, the hot bath and the glass of wine. Think about what makes you feel uniquely your best, your most confident, your most sexy self. I’m curious to know.

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  1. I have been feeling the polar opposite of sexy since giving birth to my second child last December. I gained all the pregnancy weight back after a few months, and I look like a lard ass!

    However, sitting next to my husband really gets me going. There must be something about the way he smells, because I can’t get enough.

    I like to drink rum and coke – alcohol definately relaxes me, and lets the good feelings flow.

    Traveling has always been a turn on. I don’t know if it’s the car bumping all the right places or what!

    I also seem to feel very “in the mood” when I go to amusement parks.

    For the most part, if I am at home, just a simple look from my hubby, or him coming up to give me a hug while I’m doing dishes will give me nice tinglies all over.

    Having a massage works wonders as well. I love the feel of his hands on my skin. It only needs to be as gentle as rubbing lotion on.

    Also, being outdoors in the sunshine always feels so good. We don’t get to the beach very often, but there is somehting about the warmth on my skin and all the bautiful people in their swimsuits.

    Music has always done it for me as well. Classic rock like Led Zeppelin, or Radiohead.

    The number one turn on for me though is being able to talk to my husband like adults, without the kids around, and without talking about them every second, unless its to say how amazing they are! Too often I feel like an uneducated boob because if it’s not happening in my living room, chances are I know nothing about it and have no opinion.

    There is my disjointed list of things that turn me on!

  2. Hmmm. Yes, time with a loving spouse will go a long way toward feeling sexy, but I’m still going to say karate does it for me big time. Nothing like knowing you can stomp on some big bully if you feel the need. I suppose I should also mention that writing erotica certainly helps me get in the mood, unless I’m having writer’s block.

  3. Accomplishment. Completing something that was a true struggle. That moment of feeling like I could end world hunger, bring world peace and stop global warming all in one fell swoop. It can be a very small thing (oh look, I caught up on the laundry!) or quite big (I finished that piece I was working on and I’m happy with it!) – if I had to work for it, I’m switched on like a light bulb.

  4. maydeva, I know how you feel. Sometimes, just getting something small seems so huge. Like today, I’ve spent all day importing the old blog posts into the new blog. Not huge in the grand scheme of things, but it was a heck of a lot of work! I feel kind of powerful now. And a wee bit tired… 😉

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