Green Poop And Other Midnight Mysteries

Sam’s colic has me pretty confused. I’ve been reviewing everything I remember about Cassie’s colic and things aren’t the same the second time around.

For starters, Cassie’s colic operated like clockwork, starting every afternoon at 4 PM and lasting until 9 PM. She was still impossible to get to sleep at night, but the unholy, ear-splitting screams only lasted for those five hours in the evening.

With Sam, we don’t have the same kind of screaming. She gets fussy instead and starts to hyperventilate, which then leads to hiccups which makes her even fussier. She stays fussy, but so long as someone is holding her and actively trying to calm her, things don’t usually go much farther. Also, her fussy period may start anywhere between 3:30 PM and 9:30 PM. Not exactly the clockwork pattern I’ve come to associate with colic.

Another thing that’s been bothering me is the strange green poop that Sam seems to have only at night. We usually get the first one between 9 and 10 PM, and then maybe get a second one later at night. It’s green, watery, and sometimes even looks a bit like mucous. The nurse practitioner we saw last Friday says it’s not related to Sam’s crying all night, but I have to wonder. Why would she only have green poop at night, the same time as when she cries all night? She’s also having gas all night, and the nurse practitioner did say that was related, so why one and not the other?

It’s a mystery I’ll have to ponder on for a while.

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