Work Goals for 3rd Quarter, 2006

I’m giving myself a break today on the blog entry and am simply posting the list of work goals I put together for the next three months. I like to come up with a list each year of things I want to do and then each quarter break that list down into what I can do in three months. I’m still refining the process. I’m better at planning out three months than a full year, and I still pick too many goals for each quarter, but it’s a way to track my progress as I work, and it helps give me direction. So here are the goals for the next three months, broken down by category:


  • Write new erotica story for ERWA Blasphemy week
  • Write three ITEM articles for ERWA, one per month
  • Write one flasher per week for ERWA
  • Begin background work on novel – “The Mirrored Sun”
  • Begin background work on novel – “Lady Dragon”
  • Submit at least one story for publication this quarter


  • Finish commissioned book cover for Eternally Erotic books
  • Create website graphic commissioned for Crimson Succubus website
  • Finish Great Hall tutorial and use set in one final image
  • Check out and see what they are. Do I have anything to submit?

    Cynical Woman

  • Continue writing daily blog rant
  • Fix animated header for blog
  • Design creeper/t-shirt for Café Press shop
  • Design coffee mug for Café Press shop

    Pixel Arcana

  • Review books I use for tutorials and graphics education and make an store link for your site.
  • Archive 2005 work files
  • Set up DAZ affiliate on Pixel Arcana website


  • Finish mermaid drawing
  • Matte drawing and prep for Marscon art show

    Of course, today’s goal is to just pull myself together and get dressed after being kept up all night by both Cassie (she had monsters under the bed) and Sam (she was a little monster in the bed who wouldn’t stop nursing).

    How am I going to get all this work done, you ask? I’ll tell you tomorrow. My little monsters are already up and disrupting my plans for the day.

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