Published Works

Here’s a list of my books, anthology publications, podcasts and other writing credits.



Welcome to Mundania (e-book), published by Logical-Lust, 2009.

An Amazon in leather and her man in a kilt… An Eagle Scout and the cougar he loves… A young man with a passion for horses… A woman who’s lost everything but her childhood bedroom with an amazing view…

Four stories of lust and desire, set in the real world.  When the whole world seems to be falling apart, you know know you’re in Mundania.


Future Perfect: Tales of Fantastic Erotica (e-book and print), published by Logical-Lust, 2009.

From the distant future to a mythical past and everything in between, FUTURE PERFECT examines the role of sex in a fantastic world. The stories range from hard science fiction to classic horror and urban fantasy, but through it all runs a thread of explicit sexuality that embraces every orientation and relationship imaginable. Whether it’s the force of cosmic creation or the deceitful lure of sin, FUTURE PERFECT takes sex beyond the limits of the everyday to celebrate it on a universal scale.


Demon By Day (e-book and print), published by Mojocastle Press, 2008.

Orziel, a half-demon, struggles to survive the deadly schemes of his immortal kin. His only weapons are his vicious beauty and ruthless cunning. Otherwise, he is powerless and despised. But lack of power doesn’t check his pride or ambition. When the empress of demons claims Orziel’s lover as her own, the half-breed swears he’ll do whatever it takes to take back what’s his, regardless of the consequences.

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