Surviving Michael’s Business Trip – Day 2

Being the only parent at home to take care of two kids doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time. I managed to get maybe 45 minutes of writing done yesterday and stole half an hour for drawing after Cassie and Sam went to sleep. The good news is, both kids seem content to go to bed around 9 PM. The bad news is, when I don’t get work done, I become a basket case.

However, I’ll survive. To help make the week a little easier, I picked up some bribes, er, toys for Cassie yesterday. I bought her a scooter and a set of Lincoln Logs. I was going to get her a tricycle, but when she saw this little pink scooter, she refused to look at anything else. It’s actually a nice little scooter too, except for the fact that it’s decorated with Baby Bratz toddler whores. Could someone please explain to me why toy makers think it’s okay to make toys for three-year-olds that encourage them to look like prostitutes? Have you seen the Baby Bratz? Jeeze, I thought the regular Bratz were bad enough.

Anyway, Cassie has her scooter and we’re taking it for a spin this morning. In the afternoon, she’ll get to play with her Lincoln Logs. While Lincoln Logs don’t encourage kids to look like whores, they are a lot of fun to play with. Even Cassie agrees with that.

I did manage to finish one bit of work, in spite of the lack of time I have. I’ve been working on this sketch since February. It’s colored pencil and ink. Not perfect, but pretty to look at.

Mermaid – 21 August 2006

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  1. Hi Helen,
    I’m so glad to see that you’re getting your art on!
    The one piece of advice that I hear teachers tell their students consistantly is to keep on practising–to draw every day even if it’s a fancy doodle or a stick figure–hey! you can do those…;)
    btw–I wanted to tell you about a new show on SciFi channel–yeah, I know you’ve been too busy to watch but this is for future reference:
    “Who wants to be a superhero” would be perfect for you–mabye next year or the year after…
    You certainly have the atheletics to perform feats, the creativity to develope your own original hero(ine) & costume and the humor and star power to grab & keep the audience.
    I applaud you and all of the Moms who do what you do and don’t end up the top story on the 11 o’clock news–to me you’re all Superheroes.
    but you my friend, even more so.
    Face it Helen: you’re a natural!

  2. I’m glad to hear that someone else other than me thinks the Bratz dolls look like whores. I hate those awful things.

    Beautiful drawing. I’m glad that you are posting them, what fun to see your creations.

  3. “decorated with Baby Bratz toddler whores”

    Ha!! You made me squirt water out my nose!

    I haven’t seen the toddler Bratz, but always thought the other ones were rather alien looking.

    I love the picture. Of course I am a fool for mermaids. I always wanted to be one.

  4. I just love all you guys. Ya make me feel so special! Thanks for the feedback and support folks. Keeps me from tearing my hair out.

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